The Brief

For some reason I feel compelled to explain a few things, seeing as I just got here myself.

The Name:
I chose dxslr8 because -
1. It was available.
2. dxslr8, when broken down can make reference to DSLR camera or (d)digital xslr8(accelerate) which are both relevant to the broader scope of this blog. Don’t worry, the irony is not lost on me when you put it all together and get dxslr8(deaccelerate, even though it’s not a real word).
3. For that reason and if nothing else it should be easy to remember.

The Logo:
I chose to use my Xbox avatar in the logo because it actually looks remarkably like me, though if I’m honest I’ve probably got a fraction less hair than that… a tiny bit less.

The Intent:
Broadly I intend to write(or ramble or rant) about my experiences and thoughts on shooting, workflow, playback and publishing. I have more experience in some areas than others but I enjoy all equally and I’d like to share what I’ve picked up along the way in the hope it will help others
a) Explore different techniques for shooting stills and video in different situations with affordable? cameras.
b) Manage workflow including transcoding, editing, grading and back end data management.
c) Playback around the home with among other things Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server and Apple devices.
d) Publishing both to the web and to broadcast television.

That last one will be as much a surprise to me as it will be to you so stick around, message me, follow me, tweet me, favourite me, rss me, because it’s about to get interesting… well it might anyway.

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