Autokode! v1.0.00.0 Released

Yep… what’s Autokode!? I hear you ask. Read on and find out…

Autokode! is a very high quality batch file transcoder for DSLR cameras. It corrects and converts DSLR video files to edit friendly formats such as ProRes and DNxHD, it automatically embeds timecode and metadata, It runs on Windows and it’s so easy to use you can get a batch transcode done in 3 clicks… (insert fanfare)

As a Windows user I could not find a broadcast quality transcoding tool for my Canon 5DMKII files that did everything I wanted. There are limited options around for transcoding, they’re mostly targeted at iPhone conversion and such and there are even less options around for embedding metadata. I wanted a one stop shop kind of tool that could output industry standard codecs without faffing about in the command line and slowing my workflow. One tool to inject timecode, metadata and transcode my 5DMKII files into broadcast quality codecs with the flexibility to add custom reel names and such because I like to be organized. I’m also fanatical about quality so the transcoded files had to be at least as good as and preferably even better than the originals. So out of necessity, Autokode! is born.

You can download Autokode! here

For more info check out the Autokode! product page here

I hope you enjoy using Autokode! and that it really does help you to streamline your workflow like it did mine.

Feedback and feature requests are welcome, please leave a comment below or message me here

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