Autokode! Update 5D Mark III, GH2, GoPro Support and MPEG-2 I-Frame HD Encoding

In this release… Support for All-I and IPB formats as used in 5D Mark III, EOS-1D X etc., support for .MTS Panasonic GH2 files and GoPro HDHero now available in the Autokode! v1.1.00.0 release. See changlog below for more details.
Added option custom clip Title based on user input.
Added option date of shoot to custom output subfolders.
Added option date of shoot to custom reel names.
Added option custom output subfolder name.
Added option to gamma value of 1.2.
Added ProRes 4444(excl. alpha) encoding.
Added MPEG-2 I-frame HD encoding.
Added option for DPX output.
Added option to output at half resolution for smaller proxy files.
Added All-I and IPB input file formats and enabled 5D Mark III & EOS-1D X support.
Added .MTS .AVI .MP4 .M2T .M2TS .MPG .MPEG2 .3GP input file container support.
Added support for Panasonic cameras, tested with GH2.
Added support for Sony cameras, tested with SLT-A77.
Added support for Fuji cameras, tested with X100.
Added support for GoPro cameras, tested with HDHero1, HDHero2.
Added interlaced input file awareness.
Added support for .TIFF .CRW .M2TS .M2T .AVI .MP4 .MPG .MPEG2 to file offloader and backup.
Changed M-JPEG proxy bit rate to output smaller proxy files.
Improved stability with unusual input file types.

Please let us know your experience.

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